The Foundation’s Committees are typically chaired by a member of the Board. Some Committees may be comprised solely of members of the Board while others may include volunteers from the Sunshine Coast community. A list of current committees is found below. Unless a committee member is described as a volunteer, the committee member is also a Board member. The chair of the Board sits as a de facto member on all committees. The Executive Director is an ex officio member of all committees.


Chair – Manjit Kang

Vice Chair – Carmen Sombrowski

Secretary – Elfie Hofmann

Treasurer – Chad Price

Member-at-Large - Vicki Dobbyn

Executive Director – Wendy Francis (ex officio)


Board Renewal Committee

Chair - Cathy Smider

Doug Allan, Vicki Dobbyn, Judy Rother, Carmen Sombrowski


Human Resources Committee (delegated to Executive Committee)


Investment and Oversight Committee

Chair – Chad Price

Richard Wilson (Volunteer), Manjit Kang, Catharine Esson (Volunteer), Cathy Smider


Fund Development Committee

Chair – Carmen Sombrowski

Cam Reid (Volunteer), Don Basham (Volunteer), Manjit Kang, Cathy Smider, Vicki Dobbyn


Fund Development Sub-committee on Deeds

Chair - Dave Doig

Carmen Sombrowski


Policy Committee

Chair – Carmen Sombrowski

Vicki Dobbyn, Catharine Esson


Grants Committee

Chair – Vacant

Board Members - Manjit Kang, Cathy Smider, Vicki Dobbyn, Dave Doig, Judy Rother

Community Volunteers: Denise Woodley, Patrice Pollack, Alaya Boisvert, Karon Kosof, Eugene Jacobsen, Francine Pollock


Vital Signs Committee

Chair – Vicki Dobbyn

Doug Allan, Janet Crowe (Volunteer), Don Basham (Volunteer), Catharine Esson (Volunteer)