Committees & Volunteers

Committees & Volunteers

The Foundation’s Committees are typically chaired by a member of the Board. Some of those Committees may be comprised solely of members of the Board while others may have significant component of volunteers from our Sunshine Coast community. Unless a committee member is described as a volunteer, the committee member is also a Board member. The chair of the Board sits as a de-facto member on all committees.

Executive Committee

Shelley McDade, Co-Chair
Vicki Dobbyn, Vice Chair
Catharine Esson, Secretary
Karen Esplen, Treasurer
Don Basham (ex-officio)


Constitution, Bylaws and Policy Committee

Catharine Esson, Chair
Barrie Wilbee
Shelley McDade
Vicki Dobbyn

Fund Development Committee

Kelly Foley, Chair
Barry Wilbee
Cam Reid
Dave Doig
Len Pakulak, volunteer

Community Granting Committee

Vicki Dobbyn, Co-Chair
Cathy Smider, Co-Chair
Elfie Hofmann, volunteer
Elise Rudland, volunteer
Glen Bonderud, volunteer
Nic Weswick, volunteer
Tracy Wright, volunteer
Cayce LaViolette, volunteer
Georgia Cyr, volunteer
Colleen Evans, volunteer
Manjit Kang, volunteer
Denise Woodley, volunteer

Investment/Finance Committee

Dale Eichar, volunteer, Chair
Karen Esplen
Richard Wilson
Chad Price
David Chisholm, volunteer

Vital Signs Committee

Catharine Esson, Co-Manager
Don Basham, volunteer Co-Manager