We Know our Community Well

The Foundation takes the broadest view of what our community is and what it needs to succeed. Our grants support everything from shelters and care for those most in need, to sports, arts, and the environment.

We Match your Philanthropic Goals with Community Needs

We bring donors to the table as community builders, and help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations.

We Offer a Range of Giving Options

We provide donors with many options as to how their gift will be utilized, and how they can contribute the funds. They have access to our resources, experience and knowledge for timely advice and assistance.  

We Take a Long-term Approach

We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in sustainable solutions, helping the Sunshine Coast become more resilient, resourceful, and ready for the future. We produce the Vital Signs reports and have a pulse on community trends and gaps.

We have Broad Reach and Tremendous Impact

We manage close to $4million in endowment funds and provide support to a diverse range of local charitable organizations. In2015, we awarded $143,000 in community grants.  

Your Donation will be Well Managed

We have a strong track record for serving our community and have developed distinctive excellence in management, outreach and engagement, and donor relations. We aspire to consistently achieve a positive return on your investment.