Endowment Gifts (Named Funds) – Gifts to Last Forever

An endowment gift is an ideal way to leave a lasting legacy. You can support the Sunshine Coast Foundation in our mission to improve the quality of life, in a variety of interest areas, for those living in our community and at the same time create a permanent tribute in your name or the name of someone you wish to honor.

You may designate your gift to fund a general area of interest such as:

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Children, Youth, Seniors & Family
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Development/Planning
  • Sports & Recreation

or to a more specific interest within these general areas, or any other specific interest approved by the Foundation.

The amount in the endowment can be increased at any time by additional donations from you or others.

Named Funds (either designated or undesignated) are created with endowment gifts as well. A named fund requires a minimum contribution of $5,000 that can be established over a five-year period. Endowments may be funded using cash, securities, or other types of assets. An endowment can be created during your lifetime, or can be arranged through instructions in your will, or a combination. A Named Fund may also designate a general area of interest or a specific interest approved by the Foundation.

When you set up a Named Fund, the original donation amount can be preserved forever. Earnings from the endowment fund are used for the purposes you choose and are specified in a formal endowment agreement.

How do endowment funds work?

Most funds in the stewardship of the Sunshine Coast Foundation are held in perpetuity; the earnings from investments are distributed as grants to existing charitable organizations operating within the geographical area of the Sunshine Coast. The permanent endowments ensure that the donors’ funds will continue to respond to the charitable needs of our community for generations to come.

How to create an Endowment (including a Named Fund)

Contact Wendy Francis at 604.741.7360 or [email protected]. We will arrange to meet and discuss the best type of fund for you and the options that best suit how you will contribute to your endowment.  We will then draft up the paperwork and once you have taken a look and made any changes we will finalize the document.  You may have your lawyer look at it if you choose.  Once you sign two copies we will have our Board approve the fund and return a signed copy back  to you.

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