Many community foundations start modestly, taking many years to build the capital necessary to make meaningful grants to local charities. Occasionally, a significant bequest can be a game changer in terms of a foundation’s capacity. Such was the case for the Sunshine Coast Foundation in 2011, when we were the beneficiary of the estate of Vera Elizabeth Barron. A tiny woman with a big heart, Vera’s gift of nearly $2 Million more than doubled the size of the permanent endowment and significantly increased the Foundation’s ability to pursue its mission

Not every bequest will be this significant, and most are much smaller. Nonetheless, a gift in a will can make a major difference in the ability of your local community foundation to serve the needs of the community. Please make sure you have an up-to-date will, and consider making a gift to the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, which will pay dividends for decades to come.

If you choose, you may notify us that you have left a gift in your will and become a member of the Foundation's Legacy Circle. The names of Legacy Circle members are published in the Foundation's Annual Report and on our web site to inspire others to consider doing the same.

The Foundation is very grateful that the following people have included a gift to the Foundation in their wills:

William and Heather Beamish

Mark and Janet Crowe

Muriel Daly

Wendy Francis

Chad Price

Rand and Elise Rudland

Please contact the Foundation for more information about leaving a bequest and the language to use in your will.