1.    To which granting stream should I apply, responsive or intentional?

The Board intends the intentional grants to support initiatives with a longer-term impact (because of the three-year time horizon). So, if your project is a one-time boost of capacity, it may be more suited to the responsive stream. On the other hand, there will likely be only one or two intentional grants awarded each year, so the competition is going to be very stiff. Your chances of successfully securing a grant (albeit a smaller one) are likely greater in the responsive stream.

2.    Can non charities apply for a grant from the Foundation?

As a public foundation regulated by the CRA, we are only able to make grants to registered charities or other qualified donees (e.g., First Nations, municipal governments, universities, churches). We require non-charities to partner with a charity or other qualified done for the purpose of receiving a grant and delivering a project. A non-charity may complete the grant application, but it must provide written evidence of a partnership with a registered charity/qualified done.

3. Is the salary or hourly wage of a Program Manager for a specific project eligible under the Intentional Stream Grant?

The answer is "it depends". The intention of the intentional grants stream is to add local capacity for addressing the challenges of housing affordability, food security, and mental health and addiction services on the Coast. If you are looking for funding for an ongoing program that won't add capacity to what you are already doing, then likely not. If the Program Manager's salary is part of an initiative that will increase the organization's capacity to provide services (or whatever the program is), then it would be eligible.

4. We are a province-wide organization providing programs or services on the Sunshine Coast. Can we apply for a grant? What expenses will you support?

The Foundation and its donors expect that the grants we make will stay on the Sunshine Coast. If you are a provincial or national organization that delivers services or program on the Sunshine Coast, please make sure to describe how a grant from the Foundation would stay on the Coast to benefit local citizens. We would prefer not to see our grants going to support expenses in the provincial or national office.

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