Throughout his years as a lawyer specializing in estate planning, Mark Horne has had the opportunity to introduce many people to their community foundation as a vehicle for philanthropy.

“I can recommend our community foundation to many of my clients because it is more global in scope than a single-purpose charity,” says Mark.

“As well, while established to benefit the entire community, it is also uniquely equipped to meet the particular wishes of individual donors.”

As a financial consultant with decades of experience, Jill McAlpine understands the multiple benefits of charitable giving, so it’s a subject she always addresses with clients.

“I want my clients to have the inside track on the most pressing issues and the organizations doing good work in their community,” says McAlpine.

“I can’t be an expert on all the charities my clients might be interested in – but my community foundation has those connections in the community,” she says. “It’s a local resource that allows people to be charitable in a very personal and meaningful way.”