Vital Signs is a national program led by community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada that leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our collective quality of life.

What's New? In October 2019, the Community Foundation published a 'Vital Brief' celebrating ten years of Vital Signs reporting. Despite being a safe and welcoming place to live, vulnerable populations on the Sunshine Coast continue to suffer from high accommodation costs and low incomes. Download the full report here.

Past Vital Signs reports are snapshots of our community that present our challenges and celebrate our accomplishments. The Foundation published its first three full Vital Signs reports in 2009, 2011, and 2014. In the years 2010 and 2012, we published two-page updates on information relevant to those years and in 2016 we published a special report on ‘A community perception of where we live’. 

In 2017, the Community Foundation published a special Vital Focus on ‘Our vulnerable communities’. Links to our 2017 Report and our past Reports are available on the bar above.

We hope that the 2017 Report will build on the work started with past Vital Signs reports by continuing to stimulate the Sunshine Coast community to take action to make the Coast the best it can be.

In partnership with the Coast Resource Centre, the Foundation convened a "Vital Conversation on Belonging" in October 2017. The report from that workshop is available for download below.